ishoturface's Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360) review

It is almost as good as cod4.

The good: The same great multiplayer - One of the best campaigns in any of the call of duty games - Nazi zombies - Splitscreen co-op and online co-op - superb sound - awesome graphics - very good voice acting - Same great gameplay your used to - More blood guts and gore.

The bad: some weird glitches and clipping problems - the co-op splitscreen screen is just plain odd.

A lot of people were pretty mad when they found out treyarch decided to go back to WWII for the next call of duty game. But i think it was a pretty good idea since the call of duty franchise has never gone to the south pacific.

In the campaign you play as a American marine storming the beaches of several key islands that the allies would need in order to win the war.
You also play as a Russian soldier in the Russian campaign.
For once i would just like to fight as one country instead of two or three.
But playing as two different soldiers on opposite sides of the world does break up the pace. Since you are playing as a marine one missions fighting against the japanese and the next you are playing as a Russian private driving the Nazis from your homeland.

You start the game as a marine who is being questioned and about to be killed by the japanese officer questioning you... Thats when it starts to get gory.. When SGT.Roebuck (voiced by kiefer sutherland aka jack baur in 24) rushes up behind the officer and slits his throat.
Not that the gore is a bad thing if anything its good. It adds to the reaslism and makes you actually want to crush the enemy.
The Russian mission start is almost the same.. With dying comrades al around you and the nazis killing any of them that move.
Now the first russian mission is probably the most heartfelt, After the germans have passed the area you are in you start crawling and then you see someone moving. The person moving is SGT.Reznov (voiced by gary oldman) and his story although short is a good one. For days he had been following a nazi general waiting for the right moment to kill him, but since his hand is hurt its up to you to kill the general.
The missions probably vary more than that of any other call of duty game.
One mission you are fighting against the japanese the next against nazis in a tank and the next in a PBY (type of plane) shooting down japanese ships and planes.
The fire fights are the kind you expect from the cod franchise vast and intense.
But in codwaw they are the same amount of intense but there is much more gore and blood and during the japanese missions there are banzai attacks and ambushes so may never know where the enemy actually is til its too late.
The gameplay is the same but thats not bad since it has been good since the first cod for the pc.
There are a few changes to the gameplay like they added bayonets to some of the weapons making the melees more powerful and they also added a flamethrower which is a bit overpowered but im not going to complain.
Speaking of weapons... There are the same american weapons you are used to like the tommy gun The BAR, springfield (which can actually not have a scope this time around). The same germans weapons like the mp40, mp44, Kar98k, gweher, and others.. But the best introduction were the japanese weapons. With at least 6 new weapons like the type99 LMG, type100 SMG, a pistol called the nambu and others as well.
The campaign may take you 8-10 hours on the easiest (and what is in my opinion the hardest cod game ever) and on veteran the game seems impossible. But once you beat the game.. You unlock one of the best parts of the game.. Nazi zombies.. Which is very linear but very fun.
nazi zombies pits you inside a building trying to defend yourself from endless waves of zombies who are also nazis (terrifying duo). But to defend you self you can buy weapons and ammo with the points you get from killing zombies and rebuilding boards on the windows which are keeping the zombies out.

But the real star here is the multiplayer.. Its the same formula as cod4's multiplayer but it is still very good.
The max level cap in cod4 was 55 but treyarch upped it to 65 allowing for more weapons to be unlocked and perks.
There are your standard deathmatch and team deathmatch game modes.. But the other game mode are probably the best.
Game modes like WAR which is both teams at the start of each match have to flags but there is one in the middle and each team has to try and capture it. And which ever team captures it has to try and capture the next flag and so on but either team can capture flags as long as they have people near them trying to capture and hold them. There is also the popular headquaters game mode where the headquarters moves around the map and each team has to try and hold the headquarters for as long as they can.
And there is search and destroy where one team defends and the other has to destroy the objective that the other team is defending.
Then there is sabotage where there is one bomb in the middle of the map and both teams have to try and get it and then take it to the enemies base.
And capture the flag is back. After being absent in cod4 which was a shame to be honest.
You can get EXP by getting kills and completeing objectives in the objective based modes. Some game modes you dont have to do al that good to get lots of EXp points like headquarters where you can get over 500 exp points in one match. But if you do good then your team will do good resulting in more exp points for you. You also get EXP points at the end of each match based on how good you did. You can also get EXP points by doing co-op online but not enough to make you wanna do the co-op all day yo try and get lots of exp but still co-op is fun and you will wanna play it for that reason.
Most of the maps are based on missions and with new maps to be released soon there will be plenty of variety to choose from. There are also tanks on some maps but they dont change the gameplay a whole lot.
Of course you start with crappy weapons that have no upgrades at all.
But the better you do and the more you play the more weapons you will unlock better weapons and upgrades like a scope or a bigger magazine.
It doesnt seem to take as long to rank up in codwaw as it does in cod4 for some reason.. it might be because there are more ranks in codwaw so they decided to make it a bit easier to rank up.
Like in call of duty 4 when you get a 3 kill streak you get a radar sweep which allows you to see the enemies positions, five kills is a artillery strike and 7 kills instead of a chopper (they didnt exist back then) you can call in dogs to attack your enemies which is very satisfying.
There are the same perks with a few new additions, like second chance which allows a player with this perk to revive a dying comrade who has gone into last stand. There is also toss back which sets the grenades timer back to 5 when you pick it up giving you more time to get rid of it.
Since there are tanks they added vehicles perks which can increase the vehicles speed turret speed and lower the amount of time to reload.
The multiplayer can be fore up 16 players online and 4 players splitscreen. Co-op can be for up to 4 players online and two players splitscreen.

Earlier i mentioned there were some odd glitches and clipping problems.
What i meant by that was this.
Some times your Friendly Ai will just run into walls or block your path to the next objectives. And the clipping problems come in where when you see enemies die they seem to fall straight through the map and then pop up again also i notice that some enemies could walk right through some walls. But other than that nothing major.

The sound is just simply awesome from the weapons firing to the music (which is strangly like electronic music but it seems to actually fit well)
and the voice acting is absolutly superb.

The graphics are just as good as cod4 which is no complaint.

So overall it might just be a copy of cod4 but set in WWII its still very good and should not be missed.


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