simpsonfan's Map Pack 2 (PlayStation 3) review

$10 For Zombies....

This is the best Map Pack out of CoD. Map Pack 2 is great, let's start with everyones favorite, zombies.

Shi No Numa: No, not numa numa. This is the best Zombie Map. It's huge, requires strategy and is overall set up great. Hell Hounds are cool and are a great addition to the zombies. My highest i got to is level 21 and it is even a more of a blast with friends as ever. There is different shacks on the outskirts of the main building (which is 2 story). You go through swamps and each has a mystery box and great guns. Heck, theres even a zipline for a quick escape.  They added a godly electric gun and it can be used to save teammates! It also takes out huge groups of zombies at once! The electric barriers are back. Great, Great, Fun Map. Worth $10 alone. Can we just get an all zombie game? Please...

Corrosion: Good Map, Big, Cool pipes to travel though, good set-up, very cheap at times but overall a map that reminds me of pipeline from CoD4.
Banzai: Meh Map, Huge bridge in middle, 2 sides, tunnels, caves, great map. Super fun, Snipers Paradise. Need to be tactical. Like Wetwork from CoD4.
Sun Pens: Worst out of the 3. Decent Map still. To many rooms, and a campers paradise.

Overall, a great deal for $10. Much better than Map Pack 1. Will there be a Map Pack 3? I hope so, i need more zombies. But, Shi No Numa is amazing.


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