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I just finished COD WAW single player for about the 5th time last week. Its one of my all time favorite FPS games. I tried and tried to finsih the last 2 levels on vetern but my insanity couldnt take it anymore. This IMO is both develpoment teams weakness and if they arent careful they are going to fall behind. Their games are great and fun dont get me wrong, but their only offering for difficulty is no more than just pure blind luck to finish a level. Instead of everyone looking at Infinty Ward and Treyarch as the Hottest chick on the planet, ask them a few tough questions concerning their single player campaigns like:
The spawning of enemies is like 6 years ago, ever going to change?
Any chance an enemy will ever run out of, ammo, or reload?
Any chance when a grenade hits concrete, it will have som sort of real physics behind the throw, as oppossed to you are a magnet? 
Any chance for a more open world concept?
Any chance your fellow combatants will be helpful when you need their help the most? 
Any chance tactics, or squad orders(ala brothers in arms) could come into play?
Can you offer a challenge that isnt 90% luck?

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I just finished Call of Duty 4 on veteran. Dude, it's not luck. It's mostly enemy placement memorization and knowledge of exactly what you're going to do.

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For being one of your all time favorites, you seem pretty down on it.

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@me3639 said:
I tried and tried to finsih the last 2 levels on vetern but my insanity couldnt take it anymore.  
Just because you couldn't beat the game on veteran doesn't mean they have to change anything about their game.
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I beat it on veteran! :)

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