Have you seen the info page of sedgehammer games cod game?

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More details coming soon or sooner
if you pass our interview process
and become an employee!'
Seriously? I do hope this is a joke because tbh, it's funny as fook lol
Check it out for yourselves if you dont beleive me.

#2 Posted by tobygw (665 posts) -

It's just a clever way of saying you will know about the games they are working on if you work for them. Which is pretty obvious anyway.

#3 Posted by tobygw (665 posts) -

And man, if I was older and finished university I would definitely consider applying for that community manager position.

#4 Posted by Leviticus128 (244 posts) -

I suppose but tbh the first thing I saw from it was that they're pretty desparate for staff atm, just look at that jobs page and the fact they link to it just beneath that message

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