Which is currently played more, MW3 or Black Ops?

#1 Posted by ElNeebre (136 posts) -

I own both, but I can't decide which one to play.

Good for a little mindless few hours of multiplayer

#2 Posted by AjayRaz (12724 posts) -

it must be MW3, but both games will have enough players to last until the end of your console's lifespan

#3 Posted by killacam (1323 posts) -

i'm pretty curious as to what would happen if i popped world at war in. would i travel to 1944?

#4 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

MW3 but both have a ton of players.

#5 Posted by MightyDuck (1674 posts) -

I'd guess MW3 has more players, but there is still a healthy community on Black Ops. I have jumped back in to Black Ops sporadically over the summer and there are still a lot of players and games going on.

#6 Posted by cmblasko (1767 posts) -

Even MW2 still had a decent number of players last time I checked.

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