Why are SMGs such garbage in this game?

#1 Posted by Gnomicidal (97 posts) -

God, all I want to do is play with the Uzi, one of my all time favorites in previous games with the right perks. It's just terrible. That goes for most of the SMGs except the AK74u. 

 They need a gun re-balance patch to tone down the ARs and kick up the SMGs.
#2 Posted by SomeJerk (3495 posts) -

It's because Treyarch.

#3 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2699 posts) -

You posted on the franchise page. What game?

#4 Posted by Gnomicidal (97 posts) -

Black Ops, sorry.

#5 Posted by GunstarRed (5577 posts) -

Use the AK74u then.
#6 Posted by imsh_pl (3351 posts) -

Because Activision.

#7 Posted by Twitchey (865 posts) -

A better question would be.
Why is Black Ops such garbage?

#8 Posted by TobbRobb (4916 posts) -

You know what the funniest thing about this thread is? A slight acknowledgement that Black Ops was remotely balanced.

#9 Posted by Harbinger_Of_Hippos (224 posts) -

SMGs are mostly pretty bad, yes, but play with the shotguns for awhile. Namely the Olympia. After you get FAMAS-ed a few times by some bro hiding in a corner while you're trying to get within the Olympia's 2-inch kill range of someone, you'll understand.

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