kevitivity's Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PlayStation 3) review

Pop some popcorn - It's time for a good Western (PS3)

I've been hungry for a good "western" themed game for years now.  And games of this genera are few and far between.  So, despite being cold on the original CoJ, I quickly purchased CoJ2: Bound in Blood the day it was released based solely on how great the graphics looked in trailer videos.   In the end, I was very please with how the game turned out.
As a shooter, it's very competent and satisfying.  Mixed in with your standard shooter controls is "concentration mode" which slows down the action and provides you with enhance shooting skills for a few seconds.  While in this mode, you're able perform like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, taking down multiple enemies before they even have a chance to react.
The best selling points to this game are easily the exceedingly pretty visuals and film noir like characters (not to mention the good voice acting).  The graphics are really great and easily make this game the best looking western game to date.  And while the characters are not necessarily very well fleshed out, they're still interesting and well acted.   I guarantee that a  few of the over-the-top, heavy handed cut scenes will make you hoot.  It's total B-Movie stuff here, but fun nonetheless.  This is one of those games that sometimes feels more like you're playing a movie as opposed to simply playing a shooter - and as I get older I find that I appreciate games like this more and more.
I have yet to play the on-line mutiplayer modes...
- Kevitivity


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