ferginator4k's Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PC) review

One of the Most Fun and Stylish FPS games this generation-

The Original Call of Jaurez was a sleeper hit that slipped over most peoples radars but was generally well recieved, the question is wheather Bound in Blood can continue that trend and become the definitive next-gen Wild West Game.
In Short, Yes. Bound in Blood easily suprasses many modern shooters and presents a cohesive gaming package that anyone who is a fan of Good Shooters can enjoy.

The Story of Bound in Blood goes into the origins of the Preacher in the first game by the name of Ray McCall and his Brother Thomas, and starts with a very cinematic battle level of The brothers fighting in the civil war and deserting the Confederate army to save the third Brother William and their family Farm, These events eventually lead Thomas And Ray to become Outlaws searching for the Aztec Treasure featured prominently in the first game.
The Game has an excellent mixture of scripted events and Narration by William to tell the story and unlike many video games, Bound in Blood actually has a moral to the story.

The Gunplay in Call of Jaurez Is Superb with weapons being accurate to the times and not so accurate in reality to counter balance this getting 6 or so stylish kills will unlock your concentration mode which allows you to devastate all enemies withing your field of vision in slow motion.
To Balance these gunfights are the boss fights which involve a pistol duel in which you circle your opponent until the bell rings and then use you Mouse/Analog to pull out your pistol and finish the job.

The Levels in Bound in Blood are very varied and unique and take the brothers from setpiece to setpiece without being too crazy or detracting from the story, to complement these setpiece based levels are the 3 or so open world levels in which the game becomes heavily reminiscent of Far Cry 2.
Part of the reason the game's levels are so great is the games excellent graphics engine which is used for all the cutscenes in the game as well as the game itself, the engine and superb score help immerse you in the rough and tumble world of Call of Jaurez.

The Single Player lasts about 6-10 hours long and the game allows you to download new levels from the games website, on top of this the game features a class based multiplayer mode with a variety of cool and nifty gametypes.
Bound in Blood is a huge step up from the original and is easily one of the best games this year.


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