tactis's Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (Xbox 360) review

A Pretty Bland Experience

Short and Sweet: Dont buy this game, rent it beat it send it back.

Game Length: six hours

Story and Environment:

This is where Call of Juarez shines the unique feeling of the setting and environment of the Wild West is pretty well done and the voice acting in my opinion was pretty spot on excellent stuff and they nailed the Wild West. Whether its the pretty awesome back-drops of the sandy areas or the wild west towns, or the forests full with Indians the game really brings home the story and environment.

This game reminded me a lot of Call of Duty 2, its pretty much the same as that its FPS with old guns and check-points.  You can choose to play as one of two brothers, Ray or Thomas. Ray is more gun-slinger type you can duel wield pistols and carry around a gatling gun during special fights. Thomas is sneakier and can use a bow, personally I liked Ray a lot more. I felt like this game could have easily had co-op but seemed like it deliberately chose not do it I mean hell they even have the "gimme a boost brother" from Army of Two to help your brother get up onto ledges. There are some minor re-playability as playing one of the two brothers is slightly different but honestly the experience wasn’t that worth it to me.

My main issue with the game is the length come on six hours? are you kidding me? and that’s including the six additional side quests the game is just way way too short to be worth a $60 price.  Also calling it Call of Duty 2 in 2009 is not a compliment anymore no matter how great that game was back then.


So this is what made the game go up from 2 stars to 3 stars for me, the multiplayer is actually pretty decent. The guns add a nice little flare into the standard death-match and team-deathmatch and VIP game-modes. Wild West Legends is a game mode in which one team needs to accomplish objectives to win which isn’t anything new but before the start of the game it tells you the significance of the map and how its based on famous Wild West events which was pretty nice way of doing it.

The issue that I had with the multi-player is that it had no staying power with me like yes you can unlock classes by the amount of money you earn but after the weekend and beating the single player and playing a lot of the multiplayer(good 10 hours or so) I really dint want to play anymore of it and decided to ship it off to gamefly.

Not a bad game but really hampered by the short-length and it seems like the deliberate exclusion of features like co-op which almost seem half-built into the game. I would definitely recommend a rent of this game though I enjoyed it as a rental.


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