mrnivek's Call of Juarez: The Cartel (Xbox 360) review

Not the best in the series

I am a fan of western games and liked the first two Call of Juarez but why did they go and change the time period and slap Call of Juarez on it? This game reminds me more of a Kane and Lynch game than the previous two games. Some things that bother me is everything seems hazy and sometimes that makes it hard to pick out guys shooting you.Can't stand a death out of nowhere cause you couldn't see some guy ducking out of some corner. 

Also the game has had some weird glitches for me where I would have to stop and run back to hit a checkpoint that I already thought I hit and the story didn't seem to follow along right.Got stuck in a driving sequence where the game kept telling me to wait for my companions bu they were in the car. Couple of times I even had to let myself die since things got so messed up. Also every driving section of the game was painful, I would rather be the guy hanging out of the window shooting than the guy driving watching my companions have all the fun. 

But I do have to admit the multiplayer part where you have hidden objectives that you have to meet while trying to watch what illegal actions your companions are doing is interesting but most the time playing singleplayer it didn't seem to matter.

Not enough to change my opinion of this game I would say this game is hardly a buy and a so so rental if nothing else interests you this summer.


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