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A Sleeper Western that Shouldn't be Overlooked... 0

Graphics:- Graphically the game is really nice, the lighting and ambiance really does this title favors. The character models look and interact well with the environment. Sound:- The ambiant audio is very nice, espcially in the areas with stormy weather, the voice acting compliments the title well. The sounds from weapons fire offers a good abundance of alterative sounds to add distinctiveness to the offered weapon types.Gameplay:- Gameplay in this game I have seen has turned some people away, f...

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Heed the call... 0

Call of Juarez makes it's way onto the Xbox 360 from PC a few years ago. While the game definitely shows some age and perhaps lack of polish in it's graphics and some of it's platforming bits, it's overall a pretty good first person shooter in an exciting setting with a decent storyline.The game puts you behind the eyes of two distinct characters, each set against one another. As Billy Candle, a half caucasian, half Mexican young drifter who's been down on his luck his whole life, you'll be doin...

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This game and I have a love\hate relationship, without the love. 2

I start playing the tutorial and I already hate this game, but let's follow my usual outline. Tolerable aspects first, and then it's time for a Mexican standoff with all chambers loaded.Graphics: 8.5The graphics are great, but at higher settings cause significant slowdown even on my relatively high-end pc, and the loading times before each and every stage without exception are unbearably long. This game is like a glorified tech-demo, being, from what I understand, the first game that fully suppo...

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HD Video Review 0

   The Western is one of film’s most iconic and beloved genres, but has long been overlooked in video games.  Other than a handful of Western-themed shooters from the 90s, such as Gunsmoke, Sunset Riders, and Wild Guns, we haven’t played cowboys and Indians in a virtual playground.  Then in the mid-00s the genre saw a brief revival spurred by Rockstar’s Red Dead Revolver, followed by Neversoft’s excellent Gun, and punctuated with Techland’s Call of Juarez.  With nothing more than a history of bu...

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Despite some flaws, this is an underappreciated little gem 0

Call of Juarez is an ambitious, albeit flawed game that tells a Wild West story from the perspectives of two men, young Billy Candle, a fugitive on the run and Reverend Ray, his brother, who speaks to the lord and is a mean gunman. The story in this game is pretty decent, there are no surprises there of course, no plot-twists and all follows generic wild west and American mainstream formulas but if you are into westerns, you will be in familiar ground. The idea of playing the game both as Billy ...

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Revolvers, Indians, Stand-offs, ... Bible ? 0

Call of Juarez is a first person shooter with a Western theme. Is it just me, there defiantly needs to be more (good) western themed games, this is a great example of a western done right, sure there are some technical problems but overall its one of the best westerns I've played to date. Call of Juarez puts you in the shoes of two characters Billy Candle a Native American who is hated by the town folk, and Reverend Ray a ... priest i know, i know it sounds strange but trust me he quickly become...

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Call of Juarez (Xbox 360) 0

Guns, Cowboys, Indians, and drunken bar fights — all synonymous with the vision of the Wild West that’s permeated our entertainment culture for decades.Be it the iconic characterization of John Wayne in many of the best Western flicks, or any classic “Cowboys vs. Indians” battle, Hollywood has always had a love with the iconic West, but why isn’t this theme seen in more games? Call of Juarez is the answer to that question, bringing in all these classic elements in spades.While not our first entr...

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Billy Candle 2

Billy Candle Billy Candle a young Mexican drifter left his home ranch after growing tired of his parent's quarelling, especially as his step-father (Thomas McCall, whom we may see in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood) is a agressive brute. He travelled for two years across the United States, hopelessly and half-heartedly searching for the lost treasure of Juarez. After giving up the search he decided to return home to his mother, but at his return, he is to find his parents dead infront of the barn...

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