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The Camerica International Switch     
Camerica was a Canadian published famous for publishing unlicensed games and accessories for the NES. They manufactured two NES arcade sticks, the Turbotronic and the Freedom Stick, and were sued by Nintendo due to their similarities to the NES Advantage. Camerica released numerous Codemasters developed titles for the NES in shiny gold and silver cartridges. An interesting feature of these cartridges was a switch on the underside that allowed for playing the cartridges in both European and North American NES systems. Camerica also manufactured Codemasters' Game Genie cheat code device, which was marketed and distributed by Galoob. Nintendo sued them over the Game Genie as well, but lost the case. Five million Game Genies across multiple platforms were eventually sold. In 1993 Camerica released a peripheral for the NES called the Aladdin Deck Enhancer. This was a device that allowed special unlicensed cartridges to be used on the NES. The cartridges were smaller than traditional NES cartridges, so Camerica hoped that this would allow them to manufacture game cartridges at a lower cost. By the time the Aladdin Deck Enhancer was released the SNES and Sega Genesis were already on the market. The Aladdin Deck Enhancer did not have an install base large enough to support Camerica, and they closed down soon after.

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