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Cammy Meele appears extensively in the second case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, "Turnabout Airlines". She is a flight attendant on the plane where the murder of Mr. Hicks takes place. Meele is dressed more seductively than her colleague, Rhoda Teneiro, and appears to be the subject of infatuation by the captain on board. She carries a stuffed toy of iFly's mascot around with her all the time, and has the tendency to fall asleep easily and blow bubbles.  
Cammy ranges from insolent to plain indignant when questioned by Edgeworth regarding the murder, often seeming pleased with herself when providing misleading or downright false information. It becomes clear she does not consider her post with iFly or the current investigation terribly important. However, despite her casual and impertinent demeanor, her facade actually belies a deadly secret.

Involvement in Turnabout Airlines

It is revealed that she was the true perpetrator of the crime. She feared her involvement with a smuggling ring would be discovered by Interpol Agent Hicks, and pushed him to his death from the top of the stairs of the cargo hold. Meele then tried to pin the murder on Teneiro, but the plane hit turbulence which scuppered her initial plan.
Miles Edgeworth, the protagonist of the game, deduces that she is the killer after initial suspicious were placed on him.

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