Lack of Presentation?

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I recently downloaded this with the first pack that was released (Avengers&1943) for it and realized how lacking of presentation it had. I found the game selection screen was lame given that "Arcade Cabinet" was the title of the product. The games themselves are great and I am glad I purchased it, but feel that there should have been a "Gameroom-esque" presentation for these games. What is the consensus so far with this thing? and would you agree that the way Gameroom was presented would be the definitive way in repackaging old arcade games like these?

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I didn't like the presentation either. Navigating the menus felt a little cumbersome.

I really liked how Sega handled the presentation/menus with the recent Sega Vintage Collection releases.

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^ I'm pretty sure that both this and the Sega Vintage collection were handled by M2, though I also still think the Sega ones had better menus

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Seems like a rip off all around. The only games I want from this package is Ghost and Goblins and 1942. Just seems like a nice way for Capcom to cash in on there fans. For the presentation I seen pics of it seemed very boring, and yes a 3d arcade room with all these games arcade cabinets designs would have been nicer.

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After the presentation for final fight/magic sword release- wtf. Kudos to them for providing so many specific game tweaking options, but the selection of games + overall presentation feels kinda EH.

OH WELL. Bought it anyway cause 1943 is one of the best games ever made.

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