A Gem of a Jam: Capcom's Latest Street Fighter x Tekken Announcement Draws Predictable Ire

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Why does Capcom feel that in order to make their game better they need to overhaul them in ways that make little to no sense to people outside of hardcore players? None of these systems help anyone. The idea behind Parrying was that it would allow you to get out of a bad situation, but the timing is so precise that it's only useful to a small percentage of people overall that play it. The same can be said for Focus attacks, dash cancels, and the like.

I was really looking forward to this game as I liked both games, in the past. I liked Street Fighter 4 for a bit till it seemed like everyone else figured out all the twitch happy counter stuff and I got left in the dust. Now I have to remember to hit someone x times with such and such a move during a match to , aww forget it. I'll just go back to playing Street Fighter 2.

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I kind of just don't see what this gem system has to do with either Street Fighter or Tekken. That's the main problem I have - what is this game, and what other than the character models does it have to do with Tekken?

You know what made Tekken extremely accessible for less deeply devoted players? The god damn Phoenix Smasher, that's what. Tekken was not afraid to have a few moves that were very punishing and easy to execute. Paul takes all of 5 minutes to learn to use effectively, and Bryan was pretty similar. Just by knowing a handful of basic moves and threatening to commit to them, you could intimidate and defeat a more experienced player.

Tekken also had characters which combo very easily by just spamming buttons and seeing what happens. Hwoarang and Xiaoyu come to mind.

Of course, these characters did have depth as well. But they seemed to work for new players because their strongest moves were easy to learn, unlike the long dial-in moves of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. I miss Tekken, I must admit. It was a more accessible fighting game from a much less serious time.

Gem system doesn't strike me as being easy to learn, or even, to understand that it exists.

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It's not confusing, Just annoying and unnecessary.

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I stopped reading when he called Street Fighter 4 too complex and Marvel vs Capcom 3 "dumbed down". Sorry, Navarro, but I don't understand you at all.

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Eh, it's Capcom. I'll care about SF X Tekken when the "Super/Turbo/Ultimate" version comes out less than a year after release.

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@satansmagichat said:

I stopped reading when he called Street Fighter 4 too complex and Marvel vs Capcom 3 "dumbed down".

Indeed, completely destroyed any shred of credibility the article had.

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@Googly said:

Sometimes, people just want pure honest fighting.

And sometimes they wanna be taken for a ride.

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