Capcom: Sprite Fighters No More

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Well, that's why we have arcsys works. 
And there's a bunch of indie devs making sprite based fighters, so we'll all be fine.

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I don't care honestly. 
Capcom makes them fighters look good on 3D.

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No big surprise.

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I thought BlazBlue was pretty successful and was well recieved critically, and I personally like it more than SSF4. We still have Arc Systems for those games I suppose.

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So uh... Third Strike online? Is that still a thing?

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Whatever. BlazBlue is more fun than anything Capcom has to offer anyway. And both The King of Fighters XIII and Arcana Heart 3 are looking sweet.

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Sure? Considering how much sprite recycling they did in a lot of their later fighting games (though not nearly as much as SNK did), It would be nice for them to have to build assets from the ground up each time.

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Damn. I guess my dream of a new Darkstalkers game with sprites will never be realized.

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And it's been like that for years. No surprises there. 

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I love high res sprite, but I cannot deny that the stuff capcom does with their fighting games with polygons is gorgeous. I can accept this news.

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