How should Capcom continue working with western devs?

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 Considering the disappointing performance of Bionic Commando and the first reviews of Dark Void being lackluster, it's pretty much a given that Capcom is gonna seriously re-evaluate the way they collaborate with western devs. Dead Rising 2 is a different case, being an already established franchise, so I think they're more comfortable handing that off to external people.
How should they proceed? Is Capcom best served by developing new franchises and the biggest titles on their own, or should they continue taking risks with external developers in the west?

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I think they should make the games themselves but for a western target audience. It's what they do best now anyway. Although I still love their more japanese stuff.

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I'm really curious about Dead Rising 2 though.

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Don't make up your mind about Dark Void yet.It might turn out decent.

Poor developer choice was the main reason of Bionic Commandos failure.So,they should work together with established western developers.

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I haven't written off Dark Void, but I'm very doubtful it'll recoup its costs, considering the competition it's got

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