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#51 Posted by Pkshields (811 posts) -

An article on explaining how Giant Bomb does business for gaining gaming coverage form publishers and all the comments are about Pizza Pringles. This is how Giant Bomb rolls.

#52 Posted by End_Boss (3220 posts) -

Well said, Mr. Gerstmann. On a related note, I didn't even blink when I read that they flew you to Hawaii, because dude, a journalist's gotta' go where the story is. Just because that place happens to be awesome every so often is merely one of the perks of the job. 
Wait, let me rephrase: one of the perks of the job that does not make you a corrupt reviewer. I for one will rue the day when outlets decide which events to cover and which to pass on based solely on public perception of their travel arrangements.

#53 Posted by OneEyedGod (6 posts) -

Any body who knows the history of GB and more importantly you Jeff is not going to think that some one bribed you off for better coverage and review I'm going to go play some kayne & lynch dead men!

#54 Posted by Milkman (17316 posts) -

It really doesn't make any sense for anyone to complain about this stuff.

#55 Posted by AllanIceman (1323 posts) -

Good stuff Jeff.

#56 Edited by kwyee (234 posts) -

I come to GB because of the community, original content and reviews.  These 3 things have not apparently been affected by any biases you guys have (whether from the free travel, personal preference, relationship with the developer/publisher, etc.). The content is still extremely enjoyable and useful.  So you guys should continue to do whatever works for you. 
OTOH, the day the content starts looking like a giant boring Acme ad (whether due to free trips or whatever) is probably the day you will see your traffic tank.  I doubt that day will come soon, but well... you guys know how the Internet works.

#57 Posted by karrydayton (11 posts) -

When in the vast human endeavor did it become a crime to enjoy what you do? And better, to have others, whom are part of the industry, not only enjoy what they do, but want to share that in a warm, tropical, ocean side place.  There are far worse crossroads to be stuck at.  Take for example last week when my crack problem ended up involving a 'back massager'... oh... um, nevermind.
Morality is an imprint imposed by others.  
I hope you had a blast.

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