Where's The Mystery Games?

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So Capcom had two mystery titles to show off and announce, but I haven't heard any crazy news or hype about anything.

Was Tatsunoko vs. Capcom coming to NA with the extra characters and mode and all that one of them?

Personally, I'm only interested in the second game, which I'm pretty sure you ALL know what franchise I'm hoping it's a new installment in.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< hint hint wink wink  It's something that needs to be revived, dammit!
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They are around, just not in gameplay form it feels like.  Crackdown 2, the new MGS, Agent off the top of my head as tthe games that were awesome announcements to me but didn't reveal too much.  If there were live demos or gameplay for those I bet I'd be blown away.  Also another big one was seeing Project Tirico leaked before.  That trailer looked a lot better graphically and would have been more impressive to than seeing the leaked trailer and then that polished new one.  That first trailer still managed to blow me away though.  Really looking forward to that game as well.

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Alan Wake is a mystery game. :P

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It's bizarre that we have had no announcement yet, but maybe today or tomorrow we will hear something..

I am hoping it's Viewtiful Joe also.

Tatsunoko has been confirmed with a load of new updates including online play and 5 new characters, as well as other things.. It's out at the end of the year.

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Capcom Mystery Game #2: Resident Evil PSP. All new, designed specifically for PSPGo. A ways out, but an awesome design planned.
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Oh yeah, Capcom is reviving one of their old  franchises again.  I hadn't even thought of Viewtiful Joe.  I've been thinking Stider, since we heard rumors and it seems like a natural choice in the way Bionic Commando was.  A new Strider game would be awesome though.  Loved 2.

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@Webby said:
" From 

Capcom Mystery Game #2: Resident Evil PSP. All new, designed specifically for PSPGo. A ways out, but an awesome design planned.
Ah man, could be cool but I forgot that would count.  I really was hoping for Strider.
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Capcom can fucking suck it.
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I think its because they didnt go to E3 in the first place. Remember? They didnt go because of swine flu

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what ever happened to viewtiful joe  there was  the first 2 then nothing   apart from a psp melee game and a ds game. thats what they should make another one of not another resident evil  side story (jakob reminded me about that theres not been one in a while in the opening post) i would be happy  with 2 new capcom games. viewtiful joe and a new dalkstalkers

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@jakob187 said:


Capcom can fucking suck it.

It is very lame, maybe we are a little too demanding as fans, but the way they built it up was as if  something great was on the way.

That Twitter dude sucks also.

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 Capcom has announced several new titles will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show which will be held from 24 to 27 September.

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