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Captain Commando is a former mascot for the video game company


, and character from the video game "

Captain Commando

". His first appearances were on the back of several NES games where he'd say "Captain Commando here. Look to me for up-to-date reports on all the exciting action games from Capcom! Until next time..." He'd also make appearances in the instruction manuals of early Capcom games, where he'd thank players for purchasing Capcom games.

Eventually, Captain Commando was given his own self-titled game, "Captain Commando", where he was one of four playable characters. In the game, he led a small team called the "Commando Team" in a battle against all crime on Earth and the galaxy against groups of super-villains. The game was set in a futuristic Metro City, which also has served as the setting for the Final Fight series. The game saw its initial release in November of 1991 in arcades.

Sadly, the Captain Commando game was not very succesful, and Captain Commando was soon replaced as Capcom's mascot by characters from more succesful games such as "

Mega Man

" and "

Street Fighter

". It would not be until Capcom released games such as "

Marvel vs. Capcom

" that Captain Commando made his glorious return as a playable character. Since then, he has made occasional appearances in the Capcom vs. titles.

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