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He really doesn't have to be named Ed.

In Captain Ed, the main character (not necessarily named Ed) must fight his way through space (represented by multi-colored tiles) in order to destroy the "7 Masters of Space". Periodically he will have to stop and buy gas or other items. The seven lucky Gods make an appearance as opposites to the 7 Masters.


The player controls a ship armed with a blaster and a large mallet; they must navigate through "space" - an environment vaguely resembling a disco floor - while avoiding various other spaceships (or preferably destroying them to earn money!). Destroying enemies with the mallet is risky but nets a money bonus. In addition, the player's gas (life) ticks down constantly. It is also reduced by damage from enemies. To counter-act this slow grind to the death, the player must buy more gas. This results in cyclic game play; destroy more enemies to buy more gas. In addition, the color-changing floor has various effects on the ship: On green tiles, gas consumption is at the normal rate, on yellow tiles it is slightly increased. Red tiles rapidly deplete gas and violently shift the spaceship; this can result in difficult situations where the ship is forcibly moved from one red tile to another repeatedly. Blue tiles, only revealed by the pickup of a smiley face, very slightly increase the player's gas, but at such a slow rate it is almost unnoticeable.

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