Is captain Falcon nintendo's only superhero like character

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Or do they have others, since a lot of people call Captain Falcon a superhero. What do you think.

#2 Posted by PenguinDoctor (317 posts) -

You forgot Kirby!
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I never even thought of him as a superhero. I thought he just drove the Blue Falcon. I didn't know he was a crimefighter or something. Does he have superpowers? Is the falcon punch a superpower?

#6 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

Samus would probably qualify.

#7 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
@Castro: Obligatory:

#8 Posted by ArclightBorealis (1722 posts) -
@Hailinel said:
"@Castro: Obligatory:
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Most people seem to think of him as a superhero. I only though about that question after I was told from a review of F zero, that he is considered one of Nintendo's few superhero like characters.

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#12 Posted by rockenhard (152 posts) -

That's not something Nintedo too proud of, from what it seems.

#13 Posted by Tireyo (6712 posts) -

Good question.  
@TheFreeMan said:

" Samus would probably qualify. "

#14 Posted by Whisperkill (3046 posts) -
@Hailinel said:
" @Castro: Obligatory:

makes Dragon Ball Z look like a slapfight
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@Hailinel said:

" @Castro: Obligatory:


this would make a funny Mentos commercial
#17 Posted by rockenhard (152 posts) -

Yeah a deadly one.

#18 Posted by RobotofDarkness (15 posts) -

Despite the fact, he debut in F-Zero. He's the F-Zero racer and bounty hunter. In fact, he was one of my favorite characters in nintendo.

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