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Halvar Gunnarsen is a high-ranking officer in the Earth Defence Force. He is renowned among the citizens of Mars, and even among troops under his command, for his brutality. Gunnarsen's nickname, 'The Butcher of Chryse', is well-deserved. According to members of the Red Faction, EDF troops executed over 300 civilians working on Mars, under Halvar Gunnarsen's command. Despite his brutality, Halvar Gunnarsen is seen as a minor threat to the liberation of Mars, and he is killed during the liberation of Parker by Alec Mason, during a mining protest. 
Miners had been peacefully protesting at a facility in Parker, and Gunnarsen's convoy arrived in order to defuse the situation by any means necessary. When this happened, the Red Faction seized its opportunity, dealing a severe blow to the EDF by killing a high-ranking officer. Halvar Gunnarsen does not look different visually to other EDF troops, and travels in an EDF Scout vehicle alongside several larger scout vehicles.

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