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 A Capture Styler is an item that Pokemon Rangers use in order to catch a wild Pokemon. The Styler launches another item called a capture disk, which must loop around a Pokemon a certain number of times (depending on the level of the Pokemon) in order to control it. The Capture Styler also has other functions, such as being able to save, quit the game, and look at the Ranger Browser.

Different Types of Stylers

School Styler

 The School Styler is the most basic of Stylers, and it the first given to any Pokemon Ranger in Ranger School. The School Styler can not use Poke Assists.

Capture Styler

 The Capture Styler is given to new recruits to the Pokemon Rangers. This version of the Styler is the only one in the original Pokemon Ranger game.

Fine Styler

 The Fine Styler is a Styler which is given to a Ranger when they become a Top Ranger. The Fine Styler is an updated version that includes the Power Charge. Rather than a remote control or cell phone style, this Styler is worn on the wrist.

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