Card Hunter beta keys to give away

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Hi Duders

I participated in the cardhunter beta a while back and they've sent me 3 beta keys to give away. If anyone is interested send me a pm and I'll set you up with a key.

EDIT: I'm out of keys so no more PMs here folks. Hopefully more CH players can use this forum if they get the same email I did.

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I received the same mail and have three keys as well.

Edit: All keys gone.

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I have three keys to give away.

Edit: Down to one key.

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@mago: I would take one if you still have some. Thanks a lot !

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@mago: I would really like a key if you still have one :D

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Card Hunters! A mystic adventure!

Card Hunters! A quest for all time!

Each card possesses a power of its own, we've got to find them to bring the power hooooooooooooome!

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If there are any keys left I would really appreciate one. I signed up for the beta once an old Magic the Gathering buddy told me about this game.

#8 Posted by Fear_the_Booboo (773 posts) -
#9 Posted by Aviar (495 posts) -

Thank you fine sir! Very much appreciated.

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Good news everyone! The game is released 12th of September.

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If anyone has any keys they haven't given away, I would love to check out the game.

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I still have one key. Just PM me if you want.

Edit: All out of keys now.

#13 Posted by Shugotenshi1 (2 posts) -

in desperate need of a key :)

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