Finally got in the Beta, Heres my thoughts

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So it only took 6 months but over the weekend i found a nice surprise in my inbox with me finally getting a invite. This is a game i'v looked forward too for awhile, if that wasn't obvious by me being the only person to post on this board, but im happy to say it was worth the wait for me.

Basically the game is a mash-up of turn-based rpgs and card games with a bit of loot mixed in, you have three heroes to control and the cards you draw each round are based on what items you have equipped, with each item giving you 3-6 or so cards based on the item slot its equipped in. That means changing your axe to a spear changes the type of attack cards you have, or on your mage it can change the type of elemental damage you deal. Its a really interesting idea that makes the loot great as you mix items to perfect your deck.

The tone of the game is also great with it having a big 80's D&D vibe, you get a lot of smart, witty banter from the game master and the game board is surrounded by soda cans and snack food. I haven't tried out the multiplayer yet because im basically addicted to doing the modules, but i think i might stop for now so i enjoy it more when its out of beta.

Only thing people may not like is the way some of the paid stuff is as you can pay 10 bucks a month to basically receive a extra drop from every chest, not that that seems too high or anything but im sure some will see it as crossing the "pay to win" line a bit. It doesn't exactly mean you will get something great every time, just that your guaranteed a extra item, so its still a random thing. Personally i hope this game dose well and starts getting more coverage as it transitions out of beta. Seems like something i could sink some hours in.

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I played about 8 hours of it, and had a blast- for free! So yeah, my advice is to give it a shot.

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This game is awesome. I got into the beta a month ago, played it pretty much non stop since.

I made a friend sign up, and he was allowed in to beta within a week.

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