Played it for a bit. Seems interesting.

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I knew I had to pick up this game from the trailers. It looked like it would going to be a randomly generated Metroid-vania. Unfortunately that was not exactly the case. This game has a high score focus and progression system which is a bit disappointing though its still a fun game that I don't regret buying. Once again I did another of my faux-quicklooks which can be viewed here:

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The progression system is really the only thing that bugs me about the game. It makes players have to play a lot of it to generally get the high scores. Of course if you're skilled/lucky enough you'll be able to get a high score and it seems that everything that the system unlocks can be gained through the once-per-life upgrades during regularly play. I don't know... after typing that out I'm not nearly as bothered by it and am actually coming around to it as a design choice. Regardless this game would work well as something to play while listening to a podcast, etc.

Has anyone else checked it out?

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I've played it for a bit too, its really fun in that pseudo-rogue-like kinda way. You unlock journey mode at level 6, in which the undefined time limit is taken away and the focus switched purely to survival and getting rare loot.

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@thejams1138: I not sure which mode I like more. I certainly better at the wave based mode.

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