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  Introduction in Manual
 The DinoHunt Corp has done it again! After further exploration of the strange dinosaur-infested planet, more islands have been opened to the growing number of customers hoping to experience the ultimate hunt.  Enjoy this unique opportunity to hunt some of the most fabled and feared creatures to ever walk any planet. 
Welcome to Carnivores 2! 


Similar to traditional hunting games, in Carnivores 2 the player spends much of their time not engaged in combat, but instead tracking their prey. However, once a dinosaur is spotted, the player often has a very a limited amount of time to kill the animal before it kills them instead.
Once a dinosaur is successfully hunted and killed, a model of it can be placed in a trophy room for close-up examination.  

Dinosaurs featured in Game

 ParasaurolophusPlants  AverageAverage Excellent 10 
 AnklyosaurusPlants  AverageLow Average 15 
 StegosaurusPlants  AverageLow Average 720 
 ChasmosaurusPlants  AverageLow Average 50 
 AllosaurusMeat  AverageExcellent Excellent 10 30 
 VelociraptorMeat  AverageExcellent Excellent 12 100 
 SpinosaurusMeat  AverageExcellent Average 15 250 
 CeratosaurusMeat  AverageExcellent Average 18 300 
 Tyrannosaurus RexMeat  ExcellentExcellent Excellent 24 500 

Weapons in the Game

  • 9MM
  • Shotgun 
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun
  • X-Bow
  • Rifle
  • Sniper RIfle

Hunting Accessories

  • Camouflage
  • Radar
  • Cover Scent
  • Double Ammo

PC System Requirements

  • 100% IBM PC Compatible Computer System
  • Pentium 233 - Pentium II Processor or faster recommended
  • Windows 95/98 operating system
  • 24 MB RAM minimum - 32 MB recommended
  • 85 MB hard drive space
  • Mouse
  • 8X Speed CD-Rom
  • DirectX Compatible Sound Card - EAX, A3D and DS2D cards recommended
  • DirectX Compatible Video Card - Direct 3D or 3Dfx Graphics Card

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