This game is pretty cool and deserves a QL.

#1 Posted by Dezztroy (929 posts) -

That is all.
 But yeah, game is neat. Haven't gotten too deep into it yet but it looks nice, runs nice and seems like it has a fair bit to offer.

#2 Posted by jordanado (16 posts) -

I was thinking about buying it when I saw a screenshot suggesting you can actually walk around inside your ships. Can you directly control infantry in addition to tanks and ships?

#3 Posted by Spam101 (163 posts) -

just looking at the case in HMV today, this looks seriously cool. would like a QL also

#4 Posted by BisonHero (8411 posts) -

I think it's 100% guaranteed that this game will get a quick look. With the number of trailers they have run for it on GB, they're clearly aware of it, and not much else came out last week or comes out next week.

#5 Posted by Quintessence (51 posts) -

I would also like to see a QL as I am on the fence about this game.

#6 Edited by elko84 (1235 posts) -

There is a nice little presentation video of the game on Steam. Got me interested in getting it. Noticed it is on 360 too, but I am thinking it would play better on the PC.

#7 Posted by m16mojo2 (370 posts) -

I'm not quite that impressed with the navigation A.I. My tanks don't quite know how to "work together", when ever I use Assist. Haven't gotten to the flying ships yet, so I'm still hopeful.

#8 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

Yes. You can't really take your eyes off the units you send out, which in part defeats the purpose of having them AI controlled. To have something done I've had to control them personally. Disappointing.

#9 Posted by m16mojo2 (370 posts) -

DO NOT BUY. How this got past q&a, I have no idea...

#10 Posted by Hogans_Hotdogs (50 posts) -

It looks neat, I think I want it. Knowing it's a Bohemia Interactive game I know it'll be buggy as all hell for a while, but this deserves an hour long D-V-D quicklook.

#11 Posted by Castiel (2920 posts) -

Well your wish came true.

That is all.

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