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An exception to the casino trend is Mario Kart Wii's Chain Chomp Wheel, but Nintendo decided to keep this exception as it is.
Run-down or glamorous, legit or underground, the gambling and questionable professionalism of a casino can used as a way for players to increase their financial well-being or be used to create a unique atmosphere, generally the former in video games. While a casino--with its banks of colorful machines, hectic noises and bystanders--could make for a spectacular shoot-out environment, the setting sees curiously little usage in the FPS genre even with hardware that is now sufficient to render this madness properly. Notable exceptions to this trend are the two most recent Rainbow Six games which both feature Vegas in the title and Mario Kart Wii which has Chain Chomp Wheel, indicating with some fervor that casinos will be involved, but no other developer have since followed this trend and these exceptions seem like they will remain just that.

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