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TITLE: Casper's Scare School
PULISHER: Mastertronic
DEVELOPER: The Code Monkeys
PLATFORM: DS, Wii, iPhone, iPod Touch 

5 x Scare School Characters to choose from.
7 x Scare school sports events.    
14 x Different enviroments.
2 x Worlds, Spooky (underworld) and Fleshies (human world).   
School playground style sports with a spooky twist featuring, soccer ball keepy uppies, dragon egg'n spoon race, gymnastics, hurdles race,  skateboarding and a weird frog hurling game! 

There are 3 difficult levels to select from in the options menu. Each game does appear to get progressively harder the more you play. For example the keepy uppies game is mayhem from about the fourth play onwards. Race games likewise add more laps and speedups/slowdowns the more times you replay.  

All the sporting events and characters are presented in full 3D of a high standard and level of detail with good framerate. 

Obviously released to coincide with the Cartoon Networks scheduled showing of Capser's Scare School cartoons. This game provides excellent fun for the holidays and appeals to both adults and children alike.


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