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Cassandra Pentaghast is royalty from the country Nevarra of the continent Thedas in the Dragon Age franchise. She is loyal to The Chantry, works with Leliana and up until Dragon Age: Inquisition, is a member of the Seekers of Truth.

Her only appearance prior to DA:I is in Dragon Age II as a Non-player Character in which the events of that game have already happened and has Varric Tethras narrate to her (and the player) said events as they unfolded. This is part of her continuing efforts to find powerful and influential figures such as Dragon Age: Origins' protagonist, The Warden, and Dragon Age II's protagonist, Hawke. Cassandra believes that only by uniting such people can they stand a chance at saving Thedas.

Cassandra has an unspoken appearance in the E3 2013 Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer in which she continues to serve The Chantry amidst the chaos that the Dragon Age universe has descended into.

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker was an anime film that served as Cassandra's origin story leading up to her becoming a Seeker of Truth.


  • During development, Cassandra's hair color was changed from white to black. She can be seen with white hair in the game's launch trailer.

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