FIX - How to retrieve lost save data (stats, weapons, & orbs)

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The loss of save data is not down to using the game on a different console... (not unless that is a different and seperate bug)

People have been reporting an 'all stats erased' bug all over the internet, on consoles they used to purchase the game

Pretty quickly people seemed to clock onto the fact that the data loss problems seem very much related to the online... More specifically the loss occurs when you leave straight from an online game without going to the title screen... either by just switching off the console... or after a 'connection loss' or straight up game crash
(NOTE: reports are also circulating of this happening from local games... it could also be related to quiting the game without returning to the title screen)

Anyway... a fix appears to have been discovered...

If you crank up the game and discover your stats are reset... then DO NOT START A LOCAL GAME as this will overwrite your missing stats

follow these steps to retrieve your stats back:

-create an xbox LIVE castle crashers game

-sign in with your XL GamerTag

-create a match: i used these settings
-private slots 0
-maxplayers 4
-hidden characters (this maybe a *must* I haven't tested it though)

-then click create match

-toggle ready... then back all the way out to the main menu then try your local game again

This has been CONFIRMED to work

enjoy :)

#2 Posted by I_smell (4216 posts) -

How do you even find out stuff like this??

Pretty good timing, what with Ryan Davis writin an article on it on the front page.

#3 Posted by Farley_Lives (315 posts) -

My box just red ringed can you do this on a different console or does it only work for the original?

#4 Posted by MattyFTM (14725 posts) -

Nice find. I'll remember this if it happens to me.

#5 Posted by Elk (110 posts) -

Just tried, works like a champ.

#6 Posted by PoopsOnLawn (29 posts) -

so if you have started a local game after the loss, then you're pretty much f'd in the a?

#7 Posted by Elk (110 posts) -

No, I think you just loose your save.

#8 Posted by Farley_Lives (315 posts) -

can anyone address my question

#9 Posted by Elk (110 posts) -

Oh, sorry dude, I didn't see it.

Yeah, the idea is to do it on a diffrent system, or at least that's how I did it. Just follow the directions and you should be fine.

Sorry to hear about your RROD

#10 Posted by Farley_Lives (315 posts) -

thanx elk, im probally gonna buy a new one at best buy tommorrow, that way i can get the newer chipset

#11 Posted by Elk (110 posts) -

One of mine is acting up, but since it's out of warranty and it's not RROD I might just puck up one of the cheap $150 ones on the ebays

#12 Posted by Farley_Lives (315 posts) -

Yeah I hate to bring this up here but quick question, which 360 has the new chipset. the 203w or the 175w?

#13 Posted by Elk (110 posts) -

Lower watt, because the chip is smaller and draws less power. If you are buying new I don't think you could find an old chipset even if you wanted to

#14 Posted by Farley_Lives (315 posts) -

Sweet it worked on my new 360, got my 36 orange knight back : )

#15 Posted by Aviar (502 posts) -

Whoever figured this out  THANK YOU!!!  My 360 just died, so I'm using my brothers, and when I loaded up Castle Crashers my characters were all level 1.

This fix worked great!!!

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