help need Glowing Red Rod

#1 Posted by n1ck (45 posts) -

i  went through wizard castle interior like 20 times and they still have not droped it i allsow have the monkey to increase my luck please reply back

#2 Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver (455 posts) -

just keep at it. Take the monkey orb with you and just keep killing them and eventually they will drop it

#3 Posted by hungrynun (461 posts) -

If you still haven't found it by the time you read this then post up your tag, I'll give you mine.

#4 Posted by sgtvipernWo (4 posts) -

i having the same making me mad lol.i have problem (Rat Beating Bat)  (Blue Mace) (Glowing Red Rod) i keep on doing the same board over and over about 30 times.and i have the monkey it a glitch.

gt is sgtviper nWo

if you can help any way please help. thank you

#5 Posted by hungrynun (461 posts) -

Your tag isn't valid viper.

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