Is this game fun alone?

#1 Posted by JpSlam (250 posts) -

For 5$ on steam I guess I cant go wrong in getting it, but is it fun alone? is there online at all? Thanks :)

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You can play it alone but its not much fun. I would recommend at least one other player but four is a lot of fun. The gameplay gets repetitive fast, the fun is found in charging through the levels with friends, maximizing power ups, and fighting to get the best animal companions. I had a blast dueling friends for the princess kiss and fighting through insanity.

edit: ughh... fixed my poor phrasing.

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@djou said:

I would recommend at least one player

THAT is good advice. Zero player Castle Crashers is painfully dull.


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Is it better with more than one person? Yes. Is it still a really great beat-em-up when played solo? Also yes.

#5 Posted by Ben_H (3640 posts) -

Absolutely. It is a ton of fun no matter what. The music is great too.

#6 Posted by RollingZeppelin (2300 posts) -

This game was disappointing for me, I would not recommend it, and that was playing with friends.

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Having played through most of the game solo myself, I'd say that it's worth playing, but probably not worth trying to beat on your own. The game really feels like it was balanced for 3-4 players, though it isn't too much of an issue until some of the later levels. Not that the game becomes particularly demanding, but enemies just take a lot longer to kill since they're built to stand up against 4 players' attacks.

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I played through alone until I got to a boss I couldn't beat. I had a blast with it, still need to get back to it.

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Don't buy if you aren't going to play with frends.

#10 Posted by mordukai (7830 posts) -
@Cubidog1 said:

Don't buy if you aren't going to play with frends.

#11 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

I played it through, it's pretty fun and awesome but it gets a little stale near the end. It's a cool game though, I don't regret my purchase at all.

#12 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2167 posts) -

Played it by myself and I enjoyed it. So yea take that nay-sayers for I have the amazing gift of a differing opinion!

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If you're looking for a game to play with friends, drop a few extra bucks on Magicka. I played through Castle Crashers and didn't have half as much fun as I did with the chaos that is Magicka.

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