My roommate plays with logic...

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In the gane Castle Crashers there was a lot of NewGrounds user created music. My roommate plays instruments and such and started to dabble in programs like Logic creating midi songs, but he is a political science major. well one day he showed me a song that sounds like it should have been in Castle Crashers or something of the like (Super Meat Boy had similar music if you ask me). A lot of his his songs sound similar or to me video game like.

I was curious to see if other videogame people agree with my observation.

here is a link to one of his songs. there are others on that website too. he says he put it up because he thought it would be funny to post his unprofessional music somewhere. well joke is on him because it allowed me to share it and ask questions.
#2 Posted by HatKing (6997 posts) -

Sounds like a Midnight Brown song. hah...

#3 Posted by T0mF5 (938 posts) -

You should have warned me about the face.

#4 Posted by gerp (247 posts) -

Ya defiantly sounds pretty good and agree that it sounds like castle crashers music  

#5 Posted by NorthSarge (275 posts) -
@T0mF5:  haha sorry, hes kind of crazy. and also sort of a real life internet troll. sometimes he is also just a troll.
#6 Posted by NorthSarge (275 posts) -
@HatKing said:
Sounds like a Midnight Brown song. hah...
ill take that as a complement for him. haha

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