No bow and arrow for hominid?

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I just got done with the barbarian boss and I still didn't have the Bow And Arrow. But when I went into arena mode he had one. Does he not get one in the main game? 

#2 Posted by Keano (488 posts) -

is there a way to unlock him without buying alien hominid hd

#3 Posted by neozeke (384 posts) -

I don't know. I just bought the game and saw that I had him unlocked so I decided to play as him.

#4 Posted by AnimeBeast (105 posts) -

Thats weird, I got the bow on the second level :(

#5 Posted by neozeke (384 posts) -

Hmm is it me or is it fething hard to play as hominid? The other knights seem to play easier. 

#6 Posted by fearxloathing (60 posts) -

I started with the Hominid and was able to get the bow and arrow as soon as it was available. He does get one either way.

#7 Posted by Player1 (4048 posts) -
Keano said:
"is there a way to unlock him without buying alien hominid hd"
I don't think so. Hes a really cool character though, his magic is awesome. 
Alien Hominid HD is nothing like castle crashers though. So beware if your going to buy it. 

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