Mecha Hitler (Hopefully) Finally Coming to the Big Screen in Castle Wolfenstein Movie

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#51 Posted by prestonhedges (1961 posts) -

Well, I stand corrected.

#52 Posted by Timnoldzim (101 posts) -

Well, Roger Avary's proven his talent before, and Silent Hill was pretty good IMO. So hopefully this will actually move forward.

#53 Posted by Nightfang (399 posts) -
#54 Posted by StevetheRadroach (74 posts) -

"Hopefully" Being the key word.

#55 Edited by vinsanityv22 (1066 posts) -

Wolfenstein has a GREAT premise for a fun action romp, and the way they describe it - Captain America meets Inglorious Basterds - is pretty much an awesome tone to try to hit. I just hope that that's all they take from it; the premise, and the name of the main character. Build a great action movie from there. THAT'S what an "adaptation" is about. Make it your own, and make it good. That's what game movies to date haven't done very well... unless you count Wreck It Ralph. Despite not being based on anything specifically, it's apparently fantastic and it's about video games so I'll take it.

I hope Wreck It Ralph inspires Sony Pictures Animation to make some Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper or Jak & Daxter movies.

#56 Posted by Vao (340 posts) -
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mecha hitler already has a movie...

#57 Posted by SinKing (31 posts) -

A Wolfenstein themed movie is a great way to bring together some over thetop characters and create basically what would be a video game on steroids. That guy who made Watchmen should have a hand in the directing, Zak Snyder, was it?

This is gonna be one pointless movie and we all know the ending "Oh Eva, mein Leben!" - Hitler dies. I just hope kids in ten years will still understand this is a complete work of fiction. Or else the history books get rewritten.

#58 Posted by banishedsoul1 (342 posts) -

that would be epic

#59 Posted by metalemily (16 posts) -

I would love to of heard the pitch for this movie

#60 Posted by ElvishPresley (97 posts) -

He's been attached to this since 2007. I was really shocked to read this article because the last I heard of him he had been arrested for drunkenly killing his passenger in a car crash. Wikipedia says he spent less than a year in jail....which is kind of crazy. But, yeah. Mecha Hitler's cool, I guess.

#61 Posted by Slither_Maggot (288 posts) -

@MonkeysDad: LOL! My first thought too actually.

#62 Posted by teh_destroyer (3690 posts) -

I want Jason Statham in this movie.

#63 Posted by BroodLord (17 posts) -

Next up: Mecha Hitler vs Mothra

#64 Posted by lazerbot (15 posts) -

I wonder if the Germans will force the studio to change Mecha Hitler into something else like they did for Wolfenstine on the Super Nintendo.

#65 Posted by MetalMoog (969 posts) -

Hitler will be played by Lars Von Trier.

#66 Posted by brett990 (72 posts) -

that would be awesome

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