Why wasn't this posted on Giantbomb?

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" The game, along with a new Tomb Raider title and three others, will make up this year's Xbox "Summer of Arcade" event" 
It's obviously got Alucard and Soma, but who's the lady? It's been so long since I've played Harmony or Aria.

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Looks kinda like this lady here good sir: 

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia official wallpaper
Might be wrong on that of course =)
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Giant Bomb have a small group of staff - most of whom are actually at E3 actually experiencing this stuff, and thus have limited time to write about it. Their limited resources mean they can't do an article about everything, and unfortunately this seems to be one of the things they've been forced to leave out (for now at least) due to their hectic schedule. I'm sure we'll hear from them about it sooner or later, but it's hard for them to cover everything as it happens at such a busy time.

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I can't wait to play as Shanoa again.

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