chililili's Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Nintendo Entertainment System) review

One of the best action platformers in the NES!

Ah the days of 8-bit! I still have my Nintendo in working condition and this a proud addition to my console. In a time in which games were extremely merciless and developers did not care whether or not you finished a game there was Castlevania II! By far my favorite all time Castlevania it puts you in the shoes of Simon Belmont ready to resume your fight against the night!

As far as NES stories went very good and interesting after defeating Dracula you must gather up his body pieces in order to prevent a curse form taking your life! Also I love the fact that each body piece helps you do certain things when equipped!

Game play
Yes the humping gargoyles will kill you, yes you will fall to your death in water and fire, you will miss that carefully timed whip and die by a Medusa head but while you cry in frustration you know you love it. This game absolutely reeks of platforming and timed action games.

Best NES score ever.

I played it after more than 20 years after it was realeased. End of Discussion

What prevents it from getting a 10
After thinking long and hard if you did not play it originally the only thing I can say against it that may not be very fun is the following: the difficulty of knowing where you are and where to go next. In today's world of distinct changes in backgrounds and not requiring to talk to every single character in search of clues as to where to go next, players may become lost and confused in a world where the only thing that changes is the color of the background and you are expected to find an old guy behind a wall using holy water with no clue whatsoever. Also finding the clue books might not be helpful to some people at all.

Overall score: 9

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