Who is this women in the game ?

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Who is this curvy women here ? she is damn amazing hope she have some long scenes or game play sequence :)

please when reply do use the spoiler tags dont want to ruin it for other folk's here thanks to all wait for your reply

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Where in the hell am I.

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I'm assuming she's a loyal servant to Dracula, and maybe his cum dumpster.

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It's Zobek.

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Now tell me where are you now Sir :)

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who ever she is she got my attention big time lol :)

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you know, this didn't have to be so creepy.

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the way they design her and specially the out fit its amazing, i mean in my top 3 if i want choose then it would be like this

1- Ivy (soulcalibur)

2-Rachel( Ninja gaiden Sigma)

3-Mysterious Women (Castlevania lord of shadows 2)

@jasonr86 hope you know by now my #1 reason :)

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If I were to hazard a guess it would be masturbation.

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@theht said:

you know, this didn't have to be so creepy.

Doesn't stop it from being such.

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hahahahahahaahhahahahaha what to say here :)

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Loading Video...

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Damn son Dracula is pimping

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@jasonr86: Well, if he'd accepted that this is not a real woman and just said he liked the character design, we could be having a nice argument about sexism in video games and idealized proportions instead of treating him as a social pariah

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I think the latter is much more realistic.

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Um..it's the human form of Carmilla, the vampire lady from LoS1.

...I think I'll just leave now.

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Setting aside the creepiness of the thread, it was definitely an in your face surprise in that very serious E3 trailer.

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With all jokes aside. I forgot this game was coming out. I hope it comes out this year, or early next year.

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@jz: Remember how everyone of the lords of shadow was the evil remains of the original order, left behind when they ascended? Presumably this is the original Carmilla, who knows. She is being refered to as Carmilla by the developers at least.

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@jacksukeru: There are no Castlevania Carmillas in the GB database :o

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So why does the lady have to be real to say she's hot? What if someone wants to lust after a character in a game? That's their business, they don't give you a hard time for liking some moviestar that you will never have and might as well not be real also.

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@aegon: because it's camillia not car

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I have a dream that one day we can have a thread on the internet with the word "women" in it without the term "cum dumpster."

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@milkman said:

I have a dream that one day we can have a thread on the internet with the word "women" in it without the term "cum dumpster."

Exactly, What type of GB user would use such a careless word...

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@jz: @milkman:

Did you two read the OP and the dude's responses?

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@jasonr86: Yes, this whole thing is just a poor showing for all involved.

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I thought my responses were pretty good.

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Yeaaaaah, creepy threads like these are definitely considered spam here on Giant Bomb. Let's just go ahead and lock this sucker down. Get it? Sucker? Ahahahahahahahah!

Uh, yeah. Locked.


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