Calling Zobek

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Will calling Zobek be more/less helpful in 3d?

Will the 3d capabilities of the handheld make it more fun to call Zobek?


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I don't think he will be in the game (Given that the narrative is focused on Trevor, Simon and Alucard). But to answer your question, I never found Zobek useful throughout my time with Lords of Shadow. He was a character that only existed to continue the narrative of the story and to have character exposition for Gabriel.

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Now you can just yell into the microphone and Zobek will appear in 3D!!!

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All games need to be able to call Zobek.

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A little Zobek goes a long way.

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I think Zobek is that cloak with the mask in the Demo. (meaning no more Patrick Stuart)

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Why would I call for his help, though? Wasn't he the bad guy at the end of the first Lords of Shadow?

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Zobek, engage

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Zobek calls you

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@video_game_king: Well, technically he thought he was the bad guy, but turned out to be a puppet for the real bad guy (Satan).

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Same thing, really. It's not like the explanation gives Zobek a lot of credibility as a good guy.

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Calling Zobek will activate a narration (done again by Patrick Stewart) which further enhances your 3D experience.

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