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anyone else excited?

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Ummm the fanservicey bit at the end is kinda silly. It apparently has extreme platforming and intense whip action... I wonder why they don't show any of it in the trailer.

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Wait--it has two subtitles?

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I quite enjoyed Lords Of Shadow. Sure it didn't feel like a Castlevania game proper (Which we know it wasn't to begin with anyway), but I had fun with it and am really interesten in what Gabriel gets up to between that game and the awesome ending of that game. It's an interesting take on the Castlevania mythos, a cool side story/universe if you will. Nice shout out to Symphony Of The Night at the end though.

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I wonder if Robert Carlysle is still the voice of Gabriel.

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@Ravenlight: I think they are trying to establish it as part of the same brand but a different branch. The Lords of Shadow cannon is different than that of what Koji Igarashi approves to be part of the orignal Castlevania series.

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