Are the Reverie and Resurrection DLC packs any good?

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Has anyone played these DLC paks for Lords of Shadow and can you tell me if its worth a purchase?  
I really enjoyed Lords of Shadow and was looking forward to the DLC packs when i finished the game. Months later; both DLC packs are finally here but they cost about 20 bucks combined and i would really like to know if thats worth it! I can't find any reviews (from sources i trust) so i figured, why not ask the GB community. Hope someone played this and can give me a little info on the quality of these packs. If they're no good i'm thinking of buying some L.A. Noire DLC.
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They are alright, I played them the last few days.

Lords of Shadow was a game I really wanted to like and I do like a number of things about it, but there were also some things I really hated, like the checkpointing system and how you fought most enemies exactly the same way, so trying to jump back into the main game to finish up some challenges months after release was though and I ended up just remembering what I most diliked about it.

Still, I bought the first DLC and it helped me remember the parts I actually liked about it, it's mostly puzzles with some neat traversal gamelay thrown in, both as good as the best representations of their counterparts in the main game ( which were good, but not great in my opinion), and there's a part where you play as the girl vampire for a bit.

However, it only took me maybe 3 hours to complete and seeing how it's mostly puzzles (all which can be skipped with the only repercussion being the loss of an EXP reward) it can probably be finished much quicker. There is a type of collectible too, of which I only missed one.

There are sadly no cutscenes in this one, save for a canned death one under certain conditions, instead they are replaced by motion comic-esque cutscenes of the kind you might have seen in one of the PSP Metal Gear games. They are alright, pre rendered cutscenes would have been better.

The Second DLC is a direct continuation of the first one, it's pretty unique in that you go back and forth between stalking a certain enemy without being seen and later fighting a bossfight that's probably the toughest in the game (I chickened out and set it to easy in the end). The first part is essentially a big set piece, and was pretty enjoyable. On the whole it's probably shorter than the first one, but it has a bit better production quality with actual cutscenes and a couple of cool quick time events when fighting the boss, like the ones in the main game.

It also brings the plot up to the point where they were in the ending of LoS, but doesn't go further than that.

All in all I thought they were enjoyable, but the price is a bit steep for what you get and I would only recommend it if you REALLY loved Lords of Shadow.

(I'd say Reverie gives you the best value, should you chose to play just one of them)

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Thanks for your reply, this helps a lot! I was actually a fan of the combat in LoS and thought it was quite deep with the light and dark magic and the different combo´s related to it. I´ve played it through on the hardest difficulty setting (that is available from the start) and noticed i had to switch tactics with different enemies. But most of it boiled down to heavy atack (2x), roll out of the way, repeat. I thought some of the puzzles in the main game were interesting like the music box and some others. But for the most part i thought the puzzles were kind of weak (the mirror puzzles, colored tiles, ect.). The things i enjoyed the most were the story, combat and level designs. So if the DLC continues the story i want to play it...  if its mostly mirror puzzles no thanks!
I agree that the two packs are pretty pricy and hearing from you that one doesn't have the cutscenes, kind of bums me out. Is the quality voice acting at least there? They had enough time to put it all in, but Konami probably doesn't expect many people to pick up the DLC, this long after release of the main game.
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@Bouke: I played through it on Knight as well, made the combat a bit more satisfying I imagine, but also extremely annoying when you reached a checkpoint with low health and magic. Also the way you need to press "Continue from last checkpoint" move the cursor to '"Yes" and then confirm, wait for a load and press start whenever you die is super annoying. There should just be a button labeled "Continue", you press it and you're back in business after a load >:(

I like the game quite a bit, but some parts, oh boy!

Anyway about your question; It still has a fair bit of voice acting and it's still pretty good, though Laura keeps using taunts during combat which I eventually got extremely grating. There's a bit of chatter in the climbing around sections and in the comic style cutscenes. Gabriel takes the role of Zobek in that he reads at the start of every chapter, yet besides him and Laura, there's only one other character that speaks.

One of the first puzzles is a chess related one and its kinda tough, in that I thought I knew what I was doing several times but still didn't manage to solve it for some time. Another is pokemon-ice cavern style move an item that can't stop moving until it hits a wall once you've chosen a direction, it was alright. Then there's a pretty tricky portal/block moving puzzle towards the end. There's also this cool part where you run across water.

But like I said you can skip every puzzle without penalty (do you really need the exp by this point?) so it's no problem. Though if you skipped all of it you could probably finish it in under an hour.

As for story, it shows you how Gabriel became what you saw at the end of the main game and not much else, if that's all you care about you could probably Youtube it. What is in there in the form of puzzles, traversal and boss fights is as good as the best stuff from the main game there's just not a lot of it for the price. Having played both I would choose the first dlc, since there's more game there and it's cheaper, and then maybe watch a playthrough of the second one.

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Honestly I think that Lords of Shadow was the best game that came out last year.  A lot of people complain that it directly rips off of a lot of what God of War offers, but everything that Lords of Shadow offers is much improved over Sony's flagship series.  For starters, the active cutscenes are a hell of a lot more manageable, the story was tremendous, and how often are games longer then fifteen hours these days?  Seriously, Lords of Shadow probably took me upwards of 20 hours the first time through. 
With all that being said, I enjoyed the hell out of both dlc packs, but they are a bit disappointing.   "Reverie" offers up a unique moment when you play as Laura, but sadly her attacks are rather weaker, and that whole time I just wished I was playing as Gabe.  "Resurrection" offers the answer to everyone's question: how does Gabrielle become *SPOILER* Dracula, and although it is only two levels and mostly one gigantic boss battle, I enjoyed it.  The final cutscene offers one of the most badass endings to a game ever.

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I witnessed a friend playing through the second DLC pack, it didn't look good in the slightest, but I'd say you're better off going with the advice of someone who has actually played it.

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Sounds like they might be worth the money when the prices drop in 6 months.

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