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Hi...I started playing Castlevania LoS and I can´t find the option on the menu for saving game or something...yesterday I had to turn it off directly from the xbox menu, not the LoS one...I lost all my progress. I don´t know if I am explaining myself well...I hope you guys understand what i´m talking ´bout... 
Please heeelp me!!! thank you soo much!! :)

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I thought it auto-saves?

#3 Posted by PAMCAKE (4 posts) -

you mean like, when the golden wheel appears on the right side? but, I didn´t see an option in the menu for leaving the game...I know this must be silly...but today, when I started playing, it didn´t started right, it started waaay back and I had to replay the whole thing again...

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It auto-saves, there is no manual save option.  So it's possible that you left the game at a time when the game hadn't auto-saved in a while.

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