Is the retail version better than the demo?

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I played the 360 demo recently and while I am really interested in buying the retail game, there's something about the frame rate in the demo that puts me off. Does the retail version also have that issue? or is it simply that area in the demo in particular? seeing as there's rain effect and all.

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The retail version has a weird frame rate regardless, although the PS3 version has a somewhat better frame rate.

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In some places it gets a bit stuttery. That first level in the demo is one of these places. Mostly it ran fine fore me. I recommend installing the game on the 360 since it improves the performance considerably. I noticed that when I deleted the two installed dvds in order to free some hdd space and when I played the game directly afterwards I immediately thought "wait, this is way worse ... *installs game again* ".

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i see. thanks for the info guys. i was worried if the entire game was running like that. it's a shame really since it looks pretty darn good

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@najibu: Funny, my version works wonderfully. I downloaded the demo for 360 and noticed some weird framerate issues, but absolutely ALL of that is gone in the retail version after I installed it. 
Actually the one and only moment I have noticed a framerate chug was during a cinematic that is included in the demo. When Gabriel is sleeping by the fire, just before the horse comes and picks him up. When he awakens, stands up, and goes to look around beside the tree, there was terrible framerate problems for maybe .5 of a second. Then the game has performed amazingly beyond that point. 
If you install the game it will run perfectly, it's definitely a non issue.  
Again I want to reiterate - all the framerate problems, minus that one scene by the tree, are GONE in the retail version. I'm playing it right now as a matter of fact, it's on pause and I'm on Chapter 11 and haven't noticed any performance issues beyond the one i mentioned. I can't really see how the framerate could get any better.
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@xyzygy: thanks. i was holding back on getting the game till now just because of frame-rate in the demo. I'm not exactly a 'everything has to be 60fps!' kind of guy, but some of the scenes in the demo (especially during the chase sequence) felt so chuggy that it really put me off. I'll probably get it in a day or two
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Don't worry about the frame rate. It sure does get choppy, but when you realize the scale of things going on the screen it becomes understandable. 
I wish they had time to optimize this more, however it contains some of the largest levels I've played in a while.

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