Questions: Is There New Game Plus?

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Question 2: Can you get the achievement for beating the higher difficulties if you go through the game again with all your items/upgrades? 
Question 3: How do you unlock the hardest difficulty? By beating the hardest available, or by beating it at all, even on easy? 
I bought this game week 1 because I heard such good things and was pretty hyped to begin with, but decided to stop after almost an hour and wait to find the answer to these questions so I could know how I wanted to play it. I hope I can just play it on normal/easy and enjoy myself, and then beat it on the very hardest in a new game plus. That would be fun. But I don't want to play it on normal, only to find I have to play it again on hard to unlock Harderer. Twice could be fun. Three times not so much. 

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you can go back to any level at any time with all your stuff

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You unlock Harder after beating the game and difficulty can be changed anytime via the options menu.  There are a lot of items in early levels that require skills/relics that you'll get later in the game so replaying levels is encouraged if you want to collect everything.

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You can just go back to each individual level and beat it on the harder difficulties to gain the achievements, you don't have to do a straight run through to get the achievements,

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