Thoughts on the Ending/Speculation (SPOILERS)

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The ending to Lords of Shadow is full of mind exploding twists and fan-service

 What did you guys think of the ending? Would you say the other Castlevanias can somewhat fit in the same universe as this game? If not, how do you feel about the reboot of the franchise? How do you feel about the possible sequel the ending alludes to with it's new setting (and most likely different game mechanics) 
The ending has me very interested in the sequel. I totally did not expect those things to happen. However, the sequel seems like it is going to be a strange direction for the franchise. For some reason all I can think of is Darksiders if they did go that route.  
Thoughts, GB?
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Here is a link to the ending and a discussion from gameinformer:   

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I just finished the game, and that really took me for quite the turn.  


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@Bobby_The_Great: I agree with all that. 
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@Bobby_The_Great: Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow takes place in 2035 and 2036, and from what it looks like from the city at the end of LoS it was a little earlier than that. It's definitely doable, as long as they keep it out of the city. But even if they did the city areas in a tasteful way, I wouldn't mind.
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True, those games did take place in the future. 
I suppose if the did something akin to Darksiders (where the demons have taken over and vegetation and ruins have changed the city) that would be a cool idea. And the church itself was still very gothic looking, so I think it can be very doable. It's just going to take some creative work and effort on the art team to make it happen. Aslo, it's pretty awesome to actually PLAY as Dracula as opposed to hunting him down.
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Post-credits scene redeemed the game for me. I thought all the chapters after the second lord were very mediocre, chapters IV-VIII is really where the game shines, in the gothic castles. But that end scene, holy shit. Slogra in the background, epic Dracula reveal, Zobek (how the hell is he alive and immortal?!), Satan (took me a while to wrap my head around that), it was awesome. I hope the second game makes some improvements to the basics (level design in spots was awful) and has a better story throughout the game, but I definitely want to see them run with this storyline.

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To be honest it can actually be canon to the previous franchises if they choose to from this game's ending.  
Well for a start this can actually be a good anchor to explain why Dracula has been incredibly powerful and the main villain of the franchise making it canon to the other Castlevania titles except Lament of Innocence. Since they stated this is a reboot to the franchise this puts out Leon Belmont as the 1st wielder of the Vampire Killer, and instead puts Gabriel as the legendary vampire slayer that gave it's name and starts the Belmont line (without Marie Belmont though I don't know how). Though they will change what has been happening to Dracula if ever they will begin to follow this timeline as it will seem that Simon, Christopher, Trevor, and Richter Belmont is actually fighting and defeating their old ancestor and soon be again bested by Julius Belmont in 1999, then soon alongside Soma Cruz in the Dawn of Sorrow and Aria of Sorrow series.

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I thought it was a fitting ending to the game. Quite the twist that I didn't see coming at all. 
And I was thinking that just because they show a modern setting doesn't mean that they cannot go back to a gothic style castle in a future game. But it would difficult to see a sequel to this game in a modern setting.

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I was told beforehand that the ending was epic so i thought i wouldn't feel the same because i was expecting something to happen. I was wrong. 
I was completely satisfied after defeating the last boss. I totally wasn't expecting the Epilogue.   A modern day setting would work very well i think. It did for Darksiders. Although this game had a very lonely feel to it. Gabriel never really had any companions for too long and was on his own for most of the game, Which i liked about it,.

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@Shami_Sansi: I wasn't expecting an epiloque either and was just getting a drink then when i came back the credits ended and the movie started that was amazing! I never thought it would be in present day (or something)  because the rest of the game was set so long ago. Even when i saw Gabriel as an old man it didn't click with me and i was still expecting a medieval setting. I would definitly play a sequal and probably buy the game on release day!

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