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Castlevania reinvents itself with Lords of Shadow 9

My history with Castlevania is as such that I feel a strong connection to the early series. Castlevania, Castlevania III, and both the Super Nintendo and Genesis versions make up a fair chunk of my gaming memories. Like others, I was disappointed when Castlevania left the fans of the original behind in search of something new and exciting. With a teary eye I said farewell to Castlevania and wished it the best on its new, decidedly Metroid-inspired adventure. Fast-forward more than ten years aft...

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Best 3D Castlevania! 0

 Well into this current generation and several top quality 2D titles later, Konami has finally delivered a 3D title since 2006. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is finally here and not only does it surpass the previous 3D games in the series but also stands up to modern games in the genre as well.Game play and DesignGame play style is similar to recent modern action games most notably the God of War series. Lords of Shadow however also incorporates elements from a lot of other games in aspect...

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Incredible Reimagining turns an Epic Adventure into All-time Fav 0

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the game that bleeds fresh blood into the 20 plus year history of the Castlevania franchise. Like many other classic titles made famous on the Nintendo console back in the 80's, Castlevania has suffered from not following a timeline or staying true to one. The Legend of Zelda probably leads the pack, nobody knows which Link they are playing with or if it's a different version even though they all have the same name and more or less look alike. Almost all Final Fan...

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What is a man? 0

Castlevania is one of my favorite gaming series.  Konami's vampire killing romps have been hitting consoles and handhelds since the NES.  Yet, despite its longevity and the relative quality (at least of recent installments) of its games, Castlevania seems to be looked on as a second-stringer in the grand scheme of video game franchises.  Out of this shrouded lineage come Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, what one could describe as a reboot or an adaptation of the series as a whole.  It might not fol...

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The first Lords of Shadow offers fulfilling combat and an okay story, but its execution lacks originality 0

It’s been 3 years since it was initially released on consoles but the PC version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is finally here. Why it took 3 whole years is an utter mystery, especially when you realize that the actual port isn't of particularly high quality; the game doesn't look all that much better than it did on console and some of the QTE prompts were clearly designed for a controller’s thumbstick. However, with Lords of Shadow 2 just around the corner here’s your chance to pick this tit...

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A slightly above-average pastiche of tedium. 0

Before placing any kind of judgement on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, it is important to realize the intention of its creation, which is an attempt to take the Castlevania franchise in a new direction, or even as an attempt at an alternate franchise to the classic 2D gameplay that the series is so highly regarded for in past iterations. However, even though there were 3D Castlevania games in the past, Lords of Shadow feels like a missed opportunity as it tries to break that 2D mold once more.The...

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Castlevania IV in 3D 0

 Possibly due to the presence of one or more angry ghosts living on the second and third floors of my childhood home, I grew up being afraid of the dark and everything in it. Dracula? Scary. The mummy? Scary. The wolf man, the rancor monster, clowns, the girl from The Exorcist, zombies, Chucky, Mr. Boogedy, Carol Channing’s character in Alice in Wonderland—all such things haunted me when I tried to get to sleep every night. Which is probably why I have such strong memories of watching my friend...

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'Must Have' made in Spain. 0

Castlevania: LOS me ha hecho darme cuenta de la grandeza de esta saga. Nunca fui muy fan, ni si quiera la seguí de cerca, pero gracias a Mercury Steam he podido darme cuenta de lo que tengo entre manos. Muchos haters podrán odiarlo, pero para los que no somos tan allegados a la saga es una manera fácil de acercarnos a ella y enamorarnos de todo lo que conlleva.Por otra parte, creo que estamos ante el mejor videojuego hecho en España. Y es que este país necesita mas industria, más estudios como M...

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A Miserable Pile, But Not Without Redemption 0

The writer was inebriated during the writing of this document and cannot be held responsible for its energy.Castlevania is one of those franchises. As of the date of this writing, it's still hard to imagine a world where the franchise isn't important to games, regardless of its general absence from the big-budget 3D space. When Lords of Shadow was announced, there was much collective anxiety abound - of course Castlevania may rule the 2D adventure roost but its other attempts at bringing its fam...

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MercurySteam has taken successful mechanics from combat-focused, character action games and blended it with Castlevania 0

I was pleasantly surprised when Castlevania: Lords of Shadow released in 2010 – mainly for the fact that it was a great 3D Castlevania game that I thought would never happen during this generation’s home consoles. It was a departure from the norm, since Castlevania, for the most part, has offered quality 2D action-adventure titles on handhelds, holding up its part of the Metroidvania sub-genre that fans love to throw out at anything that features similar gameplay mechanics. Lords of Shadow went ...

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Flawed, but the best damn 3D Castlevania ever made by man. 1

I know... that's not saying much. But hear me out:  So let me start this by saying I'm only at the end of Chapter 2. That said, I've had one major boss encounter, plenty of werewolf whipping, and enough time to understand the gameplay mechanics and experience system.  The first thing you'll notice when playing this game is... it's not very Castlevania-ish. In fact, I'm not even sure there is a castle in the game at all. This is how I compare this feeling: Metroid felt like a Metroid game in Metr...

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review 1

By -- Tom M.It's hard to remember the last great, 3D Castlevania game. When was it again? Oh that's right - there never was one. Some of them were admittedly fun but ultimately shallow experiences. When developer Mercury Steam announced Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and their intention to reboot the series into darker and grittier territories, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of worry. Their last game was Clive Barker's: Jericho. I was justified! However, against odds, they crafted something wor...

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A troublesome yet promising reboot 0

Castlevania as a franchise was in dire need of some kind of re-imagining. While the DS games were fun, it was literally 6 games in a row where the series tried its best to replicate the awesomeness that was Symphony of the Night and while results were frequently excellent (with Ecclesia being my personal favorite despite the fact its damn difficulty), too much of the same thing can be a bad thing. So Konami is trying its hand at trying new ways to explore the franchise with 2 releases: the multi...

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Welcome to Castlevania: Reboot. 0

Let's get this out of the way: "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow" is not a perfect game.  It has it's moments of weakness, like all games.  However, I propose to you this...what game is perfect?  I mean, seriously?    I am a diehard Castlevania fan, and have been ever since Simon Belmont started swinging his whip at Dracula on the nes.  I've been there through the good (Symphony of the Night, Super Castlevania IV) and I've been there for the bad (Curse of Darkness, Judgment).  Hell, I even liked Cas...

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Slightly Derivative Vampire-killin' Blood-spillin' Good Time 0

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow seems like a risky move for the franchise. Previous attempts to bring the series into the world of 3D haven’t necessarily rendered the results fans have craved. After three successful 2-D titles on the DS, the series is having another go on consoles and developer MercurySteam has finally broken the 3-D curse. Lords of Shadow isn’t a perfect game but it’s certainly a good one which takes many liberties with the Castlevania license while crafting an appropriately epic ...

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It may not be a true Castlevania, but is damn fun nonetheless. 0

One thing that can certainly be said about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is that it’s definitely not your cookie cutter Castlevania game. In fact, it’snothing like Castlevania, at all. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. Lords of Shadow is actually surprising pretty good; far better than I imagined. Surely, it has it’s fair share of bizarre design decisions, derivative gameplay elements, and some technical anomalies, but the majority its issues are easy to look past because its grandiose ...

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Disappointing last third 0

Just finished LoS, and what an emotional rollercoaster it was. From epic, almost tear-inducing vistas to those fucking chupacabras to Robert Carlyle's (Begbie the psycho in Trainspotting) and Patrick Steward's excellent voice acting, to mind-numbing puzzles, to repetitive combat, to awesome bossfights, to a stupid post-credits cutscene.When I wasn't gripping the controller in some tense traversing or mini-boss fight, I was shouting at the screen in frustration. Who the fuck decided to back-load ...

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Not wat i anticipated 0

castlevania: lords of shadow, it has the famous CASTLEVANIA title yes but for me this time around it just doesnt live up to its reputation. the action is alright the camera sux replayability don't think so, overall its an ok game if ur a fan uve been warned. 3stars! ...

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Not what I thought 0

Castlevania is a franchise im not really that into. This was the first game that I have played in this franchise, and I did my research for this overlooked game. Unfortunately, I just could not get into this game. I wanted to like it, even love it, but there is a certain quality about this game that I did not enjoy. When it comes down to it, they spent all their time on the visuals, and it shows.Unfortunately, the rest of the game suffers from this. It is a very linear game, and has a simple, st...

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow of The Colossus? 0

    With every 3D Castlevania game comes a promise, a promise of breaking the curse that haunted this franchise for years. While Castlevania gets it right every time in the handheld games, its 3D counterpart hasn’t shared the same success. This time Mercury Steamdecided to step in and break this curse under the supervision of Hideo Kojima himself.Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a third-person action-adventure game similar to the God of War series. The game tells the story of Gabriel Belmont,...

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Brave "New" World 0

           Gabriel Belmont demands revenge!      Most if not all Castlevania games utilizing a 3D gameplay field has been plagued of having negative reception and not being as well made as the side scrolling entries. When the game Lords of Shadow was confirmed to be part of the Castlevania lineage and to be developed by a Spanish team who’s previous games were considered lackluster, it seemed like a huge gamble for Konami at the time.With the help of Hideo Kojima and his team though, Mercury Ste...

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Look out Edward Cullen, there's a new Belmont in town 1

Vampires! Whips! Topless daemonic women who want your blood! and castles of course. Castlevania is back, with everything you'd want in a game ... especially if you are shopping for something that plays pretty much exactly like god of war.   But hey! just because the good folks down at konami and mercury steam don't have the most inspiration, doesn't mean that this game which takes loads of aspects of other games cant be good, and that last bit is important - because this is not a good game, it i...

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Castlevania? Not so much. Great action game? Definitely. 0

Let's get this out of the way first.  I've played almost every Castlevania game out there including the staples like Symphony of the Night and Super Castlevania IV along with some DS titles, the 3D ps2 titles, and the NES games.  If you come into this game expecting a true Castlevania feel, but in a 3D world, you will be sorely dissappointed.  However, if you come into this game looking for a great action adventure game with a cool story and mythology, then you'll be well rewarded.    Story- Thi...

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Not an award winner, definitely a heart warmer 0

Thunderous thumps of chains meeting hard earth, haloed by globules of blood? Punctuated by close up QTE events letting you admire the gore? Occasional bits of monster jockeying? Pretty, epic vistas? It's God of War, right?  Not quite.  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is unashamedly derivative - even it's very concept is nicked from the campy world of the Hammer Horror film studio, pitting the greats of gothic horror together. Being cruel you could almost call it a pallet swap of God of War, and you...

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Cutscenes with a bit of gaming. 0

Do you love cutscenes?  If so, this game has hours of it.  I'm serious!  For every 5-10 minutes worth of game play, there is a cutscene.  To me, it destroys the flow of the game so badly that you'll be skipping cutscenes just to get back to the action.  I gave the game half a star for the ability to skip them.  The actual game play is fun but it could do with a bit less of the platforming because the camera will make you sick.  The camera is stuck and does mess up the controls when it wildly swi...

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Devo was right: When a problem comes along, you must whip it! 0

 It’s no secret that Castlevania is a franchise that’s struggled through low sales numbers and a couple of awkward previous attempts at transitioning into 3D gameplay. And yet, it’s perservered and remains one of the oldest franchises still active and still with significant mindshare among gamers. Recently it has found a home on DS with a series of three excellent 2D games modelled after the 1997 crowning achievement Symphony of the Night. The general rule has been: the 2D games are good,...

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A fantastic PS2 action game 0

Sorry to post this late, but I erroneously put this in my blog, rather than the Reviews section.  But here it is again, for all to disagree upon.   Let me get this out of the way right now: I want to like this game.  I really do.  If the new 3D Castlevania game, Lords of Shadow, had been released appropriately in the early to mid aughts, this review would be entirely different.  Graphically, the game looks good.  Not fantastic, but not chunky either.  Just pretty good.  You start out helping som...

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Kratosvania 0

Way back in the day, Castlevania was a linear game. It's important to remember that while playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, because this is the most linear game the series has seen in years. Many fans of the series may be confused by this game's abandoning of the " Metroid-vania" structure that has served them well for years, but in this case a mostly straightforward path is indeed a better one. By taking a few hints from some recent action games, God of War and Shadow of the Colossus in par...

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Castlevania: Lords of Linear 0

I would call this game a mixed bag. It has a lot of good and a lot of bad going for it. In fact, I don't think I've ever been so on the fence about a video game before. Here are the pros and cons.PROS: It's the first good modern Castlevania game since, well, ever. It has great character designs. It has a very cool plot twist at the end. It makes use of the whip, the daggers, the holy water, and other iconic weapons. It features a Belmont as a main character (and he's played by Robert Carlyle!). ...

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