Okay, is anybody actually buying this?

#1 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

I know that other "must-buy" games are coming out, but, for me, this is one of them and I'm going to get a copy tomorrow. Anyone with me?

#2 Posted by Coltonio7 (3214 posts) -

I'm not going to get it tomorrow, but yeah of course I'm getting it.

Nothing but love for the DS Castlevania games.

#3 Posted by Discorsi (1390 posts) -

I'm gonna get it.  Castlevania ftw.

#4 Posted by LCad (296 posts) -

I'll probably wait until Christmas, but I love me some exploratory Castlevania.  Totally getting it.

#5 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3808 posts) -

This series is the only reason, the only reason, I own this fucking DS, and playing handhelds just isn't my thing.

DoS was fucking superb, Potrait was weak...

... Can't wait to play this shit.

#6 Posted by Kael (34 posts) -

This isn't the best place to get a useful answer to that question, since you can bet anyone who posts here is fan enough to be there when the stores open in--oh, just a few minutes.

Hey Biff, why do I get the feeling Portrait of Ruin wasn't liked so much? What about it was weak? I thought it was all-around improved and better than Dawn. Markedly so. I've seen other comments about Portrait of Ruin not holding up, and that's totally surprising to hear. Then again, I can say the same about some other things, like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and Star Trek: Enterprise, so maybe I just have weird taste.

#7 Posted by zitosilva (1881 posts) -

Not right now, but probably for Christmas.

#8 Posted by Chicken008 (474 posts) -

I got it, its great. I like how you can attack faster with 1 Glyphe on each arm in a combo. Its definitely harder than the other two DS Castlevania games.

#9 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

Yeah, I managed to swipe the last copy at a local GameStop today (Lucky me!). The quick succession of the attacks is nice, but I didn't mind the backdash-canceling in the previous games.

#10 Edited by Valestis (228 posts) -

Hell yes I'm going to buy this! But not right now, maybe next month. I don't have _any_ money atm + there are a lot of other great games coming out.

#11 Posted by BoG (5388 posts) -

I'm going to get it eventually, when I have money. I just hope that time comes before 2010.

#12 Posted by Neorub (171 posts) -

Yeap already got it, went to three store and finally broke down and bought a copy in Gamestop

#13 Posted by Stevokenevo (580 posts) -

yes, but i only just got portrait of ruin, so it may be around christmas time also.  ds castlevania games are amazing. 

#14 Posted by SpinCookie (749 posts) -

Picking this up today after work, I can't wait.

#15 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

This game doesn't seem to be as readily available as I thought it would be...

#16 Posted by CharleyTony (1021 posts) -

I got it ...

#17 Posted by Light_Geiger (66 posts) -
#18 Posted by BoG (5388 posts) -

I just bought it when I picked up LBP, and I like it so far. The thought of not actually using weapons is weird, but I am over it. The combat is a lot of fun, and I enjoy the new system. Still need to get used to it being less like SOTN, however, with the overworld rather then a large castle.

#19 Posted by Elijah (147 posts) -

I've gotten a bit sick of Castlevania lately, so probably not.

#20 Posted by wizzardjeff (188 posts) -

i got it yesterday, and its my current favorite ds game.  (i say that for every game i buy though:P)

#21 Posted by Icemael (6795 posts) -

This is easily the best DS game. I'm currently playing through Level 1 cap Hard mode, and I love it!

#22 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

I all ready got it, its not worth the money its easy, reused monsters, items, and sprites from every other castlevania, Konami hasn't made really any thing new since SOTN nearly every thing in the game is reused from all the other GBA, DS castlevanias.

#23 Posted by Icemael (6795 posts) -
It's easy
If you think it's too easy, play Lv 1 cap Hard Mode.

Reused monsters and sprites
Don't fix what isn't broken. And if you didn't notice, this game has a lot of new enemies.

Reused items
I don't know what you're complaining about here. Did you want the potions to be replaced? Are you complaining about reused food? In what way exactly does this ruin the game?

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